Grade 4 Leaf Prints and Weavings

This is my latest Grade 4 project and the results were very impressive. Students loved the whole process from painting the paper, printing the leaves, and weaving the grasses. I found the lesson here on:  A Faithful Attempt with step-by-step instructions that I pretty much followed to a tee. We used 9 x 12 heavy sulphite paper, tempera pucks to paint the background, black tempera for the leaf printing, and wild grasses (found growing beside some train tracks) for the weaving. (The cars driving by me that morning at 7am chopping down grasses with massive garden shears must have though I was a crazy woman!)

This lesson was originally done by seventh graders (on A Faithful Attempt), but my fourth graders had no problem with it at all.


  1. Very cool - I love the project! Congrats on the new blog.

  2. Great lesson! Pinned it on Pinterest.
    And a nice new blog to follow, good luck with it!

  3. Great results! Nice to see Grade 2 students can do it as well!