Back on it: some highlights from the start of the school year!

Hello there. So I'm finally back on the blogging scene after a long hiatus. I partly blame Pinterest for sucking up all of my Internet time and energy!

I've had a great start to the year and taken soooo many photos that I've wanted to post and write about. But for now, I thought I'd just include a few to get my blogging life up and running again. Here are a few highlights from the start of the year:

Bulletin Board:

My simple yet eye-catching bulletin board. I love it so much it might just stay up there all year.

And....Circle Painting Project:

This is a project that seems to be working its way through many art rooms these days. Here is the first place I saw it on video. I tried it with my Grade 4s, with groups of 6 each working on one large canvas. I assigned each student a colour, played  music, and had them begin. It was awesome. My only regret is that I let it go on for 5 minutes too long. There was some smearing of colours that went on at the end as students tried to paint huge circles over the whole thing. Oh well!


And...Grade 5 Sketchbooks

These sketchbook covers created by Grade 5s look great. I got some inspiration from an art journal image on Pinterest which can be found here. Students drew wavy lines with fineliner, added text beginning with "art is...", and then used liquid watercolours and markers to finish.