Kindergarten Lines and Paint Resist

With this lesson, Kinders have now moved on to painting with more than just one colour. This time, they got to use the entire tempera palette and they were sooo excited! I borrowed this line variety lesson idea from Mrs. Brown's Art. It's a great introduction and review of different types of lines.

First, I drew some examples of different types of lines as students called them out (zig-zag, bumpy, curvy, straight etc.). Then, we talked about lines that go "up and down" (vertical) and lines that go side to side (horizontal).  I modeled how I wanted students to draw four different types of lines on their papers, using four different colours of oil pastels; two vertical and two horizontal. Then, I did a quick demonstration/review of how to use the tempera paint and brush and asked that students fill in each area between the lines with different colours. Here are some of the results:

A different take on the lesson...but with a brilliant result!

The tree out my window....

I just had to post a picture of this beautiful maple tree glowing in the morning sun outside my art room window last week. As the cold sets in here in Vancouver, I know that I only have a little time left to admire it.