Colour Wheel Pizzas!

a close-up of a pizza on the "oven rack"

Grade 2s have been learning colour theory and I found this excellent lesson to teach it on Art Lessons for Kids. First, we discussed the primary and secondary colours and how they relate to each other on the colour wheel. Then, students traced a large foam plate on paper for their circle, cut a line through the middle with a ruler, and drew and X to make 6 pie pieces. The pie pieces were coloured in with crayons (I made sure to have students test the colours beforehand to look for "true" colours.) After colouring and cutting out their pizza, off they went to the toppings stations. I had pipe cleaners, plastic beads, feathers, foam shapes, scrap paper, glitter glue, pompoms, and curling ribbon stations. Students proceeded to decorate their pizzas with all of these crazy toppings, using white glue.

When they were finished, they placed their pizzas on the "oven rack" to bake. The students absolutely loved this lesson and I even got a "thank-you for a fun art class" card from a student at the end of it. :)

Ooops! Too much glue!


  1. What a nice take on the traditional colour wheel assignment. Will definitely try it out!

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