Piled-High Burgers

Grade 4s did these collages back in November and I'm finally getting around to posting these pictures. They were super colouful on the art room walls. The primary kids, especially, loved them and stared at them with wide eyes every time they came into the room.

Where did I see this lesson first? I'm not entirely sure. I've seen these burgers many times floating around art various blogs and Pinterest. Please let me know if you are the first author of this lesson and I'll send a link back to your blog!

I gave students very little direction with this project. We brainstormed some burger ingredients, I quickly demonstrated how to cut buns, and asked them to carefully arrange ingredients on black paper before gluing. Some students were very imaginative with their burger ingredients. (Gingerbread men were a popular topping.). And I loved how other students figured out themselves how to create 3-D toppings like ripple chips.



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