Kindergarten Cardboard People

These little people were made from cut cardboard scraps, googly eyes, yarn, and paper and fabric pieces.

It was our first time in art class working with white glue. I was under the assumption that most students had already had some experience with it but I assumed wrong. Even though I demonstrated gluing techniques, I guess they just need a little more practice. (We had some very large glue spills on the tables!) Having said that, the Kinders loved creating their people and giving them personalities. And my Grade 2s came in afterwards and graciously cleaned up the big mess. Haha.

Not sure what's going on with the guy on the right but it looks unfortunate!

Thank you South School Art Studio for inspiring these!


  1. These are very cute :) Thanks for visiting me at Dream Painters and introducing yourself! I've been enjoying exploring your blog, and will be following now with pleasure :)Elizabeth

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! So glad you like them and I'm pleased that you'll now be following my blog! :)