Art Club Ink Creatures and Other Things

Inspired by a post on ink creatures at a faithful attempt, I decided to do some of our own during Intermediate Art Club (Grades 3-7). Students each recieved a piece of thick white sulphite drawing paper, half a straw, and a bowl of India ink with a brush. After blobbing the ink onto their paper with the brush, they blew hard through the straw in different directions. Their shapes/creatures/hair emerged! Details such as eyes and fangs were added with Sharpies.


  1. Hi Danielle! I'm very glad to know you and your blog, it's marvelous! Thanks for sharing your creativity!
    Miriam from "arteascuola"

  2. Thanks, Miriam! Great to find your blog as well-I've been enjoying it! :)

  3. Thanks for the link mention- your kids did a great job! I'm always amazed at the ideas they come up with from an ink blob!
    Miss from "A Faithful Attempt"