Weaving Stories with Grade 4

There is something about a weaving that seems so much more lasting than other art forms. They seem to stand the test-of-time, making it through many spring cleanings. Or maybe I just think that because my in-laws still have a sweet little weaving that my husband made in elementary school tacked up to their dining room wall. (My husband vows that since he made it, it has never moved from that place).  

There's also a satisfaction that comes from working with something tactile and maniplulating soft materials such as thick, heavy wool, that children seem to love.

For this grade 4 weaving project, I was inspired by a fabulous post over at New City Arts.

In these cardboard loom weavings, students were asked to tell the story of an important family memory. They made a sketch and planned out their colours beforehand, each representing a component of their story. Then they learned how to string the loom and weave.  

The weavings took a while to get going, and many students had false starts, but after some one-to-one coaching and a few good lines in a row, they all got the hang of it. And then they loved it. 

When they were finished, I had them make a good copy of their colour key to display with their weaving. I put them together side-by-side in a clear plastic sleeve to display outside the art room. 

Here are some gems:



  1. You have some world travelers!
    I love the theme of a family memory- beautiful:) I think I might try that next time.

  2. Thanks, Shannah. Btw...I love reading your blog-I am always in awe of your original projects. :)