An Amazing Arts Week

I haven't posted for a while due to many things going on over the past month including 2 weeks of Spring Break and our Arts Week. Arts Week was amazing this year. It spanned for 4 days, where we had visual and dramatic artists as well as musicians come in and perform and conduct workshops with the students. I coordinated eight workshops for Kindergarten to Grade 7, where I had artists come in and work with students in mediums ranging from felting, to Chinese watercolour painting, to button collaging. Here are some pictures of the workshop highlights: 
 Hallway Bulletin Board

Kindergarten Neighbourhood Canvases

Grade 7 Chinese Watercolour Painting

More watercolours...
Grade 4 Collaborative Mixed-Media Still Life

Just love this close-up!

Students coming back to their original drawings

Grade 6 Collage Button Making
(This workshop was a big hit with the teachers too!)

More buttons...

Grade 2 Printmaking

More printmaking...

Grade 5 Pastel and Charcoal Drawings

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